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TBT: sleepy time

May 29, 2014


Throw-Back Thursday: etching: “sleep”, 1996: i have narcolepsy. i don’t suddenly fall asleep in my spaghetti like some imagine. my first couple years of college, i would get plenty of sleep but couldn’t stay awake in classes that i LOVED (and other embarrassing situations). finally, a sleep study was done to confirm something i’d known my whole life: i have sleep issues. REM sleep is not a problem for me–i sleep so deeply that i exhaust myself, or something like that.  it was a nightmare, but pharmaceuticals helped. before that happened, it was a struggle and my sleep issues came out in my art. since, i have long lived to function while tired (and without drugs), and there’s no time for art therapy, but a girl can dream.


lithography: “REM III”, 1996. there were a few of these. i was too tired to make them awesome, but this is my favorite because if you tip it 90 degrees, like i did here, the awake self looks pretty upright and happy.


package design class: “dream cup” herbal tea. i also repurposed the “sleep” etching from above on the side of the box and digitally colored it.